One of our main goals at Maze Products is to reduce food waste going to landfill. As this is a big part of Foodbank’s strategy as well, we partnered up with them to help give back to the community.


While Maze offers home compost bins to process the waste Foodbank aims to rescue and repurpose the unused/unsold food from commercial sources: Read how Foodbank acts to reduce food waste.

During the next 6 months Maze will be making a donation for every Maze compost bin sold in Australia. Below is a list of the compost bins and the amount size of the donation and the meals that is equivalent to:

245L Tumbler$2.505
Worm Farm$1.503
Indoor Composters$1.002
Hungry Bin$2.004
Green Cone$2.004
600L Compost Bin$2.004
100L Tumbler$2.004
200L Tumbler$2.004
Roto Tumbler 160L$0.501

If you have any questions about this promotion or Foodbank please feel free to contact Maze or Foodbank directly at