Victory Greenhouse

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Boasting a T- shaped cathedral construction, the Victory Greenhouse from Maze has been designed to give your plants, fruits, vegetables etc safe and balanced exposure to the sun’s rays throughout the day.

Crystal clear polycarbonate wall panels allow 90% transmission of the morning and afternoon rays, while opaque twin wall polycarbonate roof panels protect from the full intensity of the midday sun.

In addition to the two types of virtually unbreakable, UV protected polycarbonate panels, the unit also features a galvanized steel base, strong aluminium frame (powder coated for increased protection) and a set of wide double doors for easy access

Easy to assemble and maintain, the Victory Greenhouse is a pleasure to work in with its roomy interior and ample head room.

  • Crystal clear glazing – over 90% light transmission
  • Rust resistant aluminum frame
  • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate glazing
  • Reinforced structure kit to carry heavy snow load
  • Equal aluminium profiles for easy assembly
  • High headroom for improved walking and working space
  • Hinged double door
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions included
  • 5 year warranty
  • Dimensions Assembled: 365 W x  305 L x H 269 H
  • Dimonsions of box 1 : 59.5cm W x 228cm L x 13cm H
  • Dimonsions of box 2: 64.5cm W x 171.5cm L x  22cm H
  • Weight of box 1: 77kg
  • Weight of box 2: 32kg
  • Eaves height: 164cm
  • Maze Part Number: MG-VICTORY
  • Bunnings Code: 3321150

Click here to download Victory Greenhouse instructions