Dec Pre Order Maze Glory 8 x 16 Premium Greenhouse

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The Glory range of greenhouses have been designed to give your plants, fruits, vegetables etc. safe and balanced exposure to the sun’s rays throughout the day with the use of 100% UV protected, polycarbonate, twin wall paneling.

The twin wall panels are only part of a construction that includes a reinforced, extra-thick, non-rusting aluminium frame, galvanized steel base, wide entrance for easy access,  built in gutter system, integral grounding system and lockable door handles

Each Glory greenhouse also includes at least 1 x roof vent, 1 x side louver window and 1 x automatic vent opener (the number of these ventilation accessories increases with each upgrade in greenhouse size). The inclusion of these ventilation accessories allows the user control of both heat and humidity within the greenhouse as external conditions dictate.

Designed and manufactured in Israel all Glory greenhouses come with a 10 year warranty!

  • Virtually unbreakable twin wall polycarbonate panels
  • Panels are 100% protected from harmful solar UV rays
  • Smart sliding panels system – for fast and easy DIY setup
  • Wide entrance for easy access with wheelbarrow or wheelchair
  • Bottom door seal brush strip to prevent dirt from entering inside as well as keeps chilly winds out
  • Robust aluminum frame provides a durable, stronger and corrosion resistant structure
  • Integral grounding system offers structural greenhouse support during harsh weather condition
  • Galvanized steel base included
  • Built in gutter system for effect water drainage and collection
  • Lockable door handles

Accessories Included

  • 3 x roof vents
  • 3 x automatic vent openers
  • 1 x side louver window
  • 10 x planter hangers
  • Wall Panels: Twin wall Polycarbonate (10mm thickness)
  • Roof Panels: Twin wall Polycarbonate (10mm thickness)
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Base: Galvanized steel
  • Size Assembled: 483cm (l) x 244cm (w) x 268cm (at highest point)
  • Door Dimensions: 188cm (h) x 80.5cm (w)
  • Weight 159 kgs
  • Box 1: 243cm x 55cm x 14cm (57kg)
  • Box 2: 208cm x 69cm x 30cm (42kg)
  • Box 3 : 211cm x 66cm x 18cm (30kg)
  • Box 4: 211cm x 66cm x 18cm (30kg)
  • Code: MG-G8P16