Large Maze Vertical Garden x 2

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Each Large Vertical Garden comes with 3 supersized pots that easily click into the sturdy frame and, like the frame itself, be oriented either horizontally or vertically.

Like their smaller cousins each supersized pot contains a reservoir overflow system to enable efficient watering of your plants and herbs. Just water the top planter and excess water makes its way directly to the reservoirs of lower planters.

Easy to install and maintain, the Large Vertical Garden is perfect for extra large plants/succulents, multiple herbs, plants or flowers and is sure to liven up any space it occupies.

Pack includes 2 x frames and 6 x pots


  • Supersized pots to accommodate¬†large plants
  • Frames easily click together in multiple orientations
  • Adjacent frames adjustable up to 90 degrees
  • Pots easily guided into place.
  • Built in reservoir overflow system in each pot
  • Funnel in each pot to channels water directly into reservoir of below pot (no need to filter through soil)
  • Simple to install
  • Light yet sturdy construction
  • Constructed from 100% recycled material
  • Dimensions (each frame): 30cm x 27.5cm x 79.5cm
  • Constructed from 100% recycled material
  • Code: MWP-GWL3x2


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