Green Cone Outdoor Compost Bin

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The Green Cone Outdoor Compost Bin has been designed to aerobically convert all organic kitchen waste into a nutrient rich compost

It does this largely through the use of specially designed basket that sits beneath the soil to act as a filtration/digestion chamber. This lower basket not only allows for the direct interaction of micro-organisms/worms in the surrounding soil but also serves as a base for the upper assembly.

The upper assembly consists of a black inner cone nested within a green, fully lidded outer cone and complements the effects of the base unit by facilitating the growth of beneficial micro-organisms. It achieves this by promoting a constant circulation of oxygenated air through the temperature differential set up between inner and outer cones.

Once set up, the system is essentially maintenance free, requiring only the addition of new kitchen waste  and the collection of matured compost

  • Four part injection moulded construction
  • Includes lower base for submersion and upper assembly of nested conical lids
  • Promotes beneficial microbial growth through air circulated between inner and outer cones
  • Aerobically decomposes kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost
  • Accelerator powder included
  • Minimal maintenance required once set up


  • Base diameter: 38cm
  • Depth below ground: 42cm
  • Height above ground: 70cm
  • Lid diameter: 28cm
  • Total height of cone: 110cm
  • Volume of basket: 80lt
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Code: MC-GCONE