Extra 100lt Drum for Single Composter

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Convert your Maze?Single Tumbler?into a Twin Tumbler with the addition of this extra 100lt drum.

Easily fitted using the extensions included with your Single?Tumbler stand, the Twin Tumbler overcomes the problem of having to wait 2-3 months for each composting cycle by allowing you to recycle your waste whist continuously creating new compost at the same time.

  • Includes new buckle for lid locking strap
  • 2 x drums ensure NO RECYCLING DOWNTIME!!
  • Slim and Narrow Design
  • Includes straps to secure lid
  • Made in Australia
  • Construction: Virgin Polyethylene
  • Maze Part Number: MCT-100
  • Dimensions: 39cm x 39cm x 93cm
  • Weight: 3kg

Click here to download Single/Double Tumbler instructions


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