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A stylish solution for cultivating herbs, fruits and vegetables, the Single Cascadino Color Planter has been designed to provide you with a lush garden feature that is easy to maintain but without the need for a large amount of space.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor planting (drain plug included), each Single Cascadino Color Planter has the capacity to hold up to six plants

Cascadino Color available in Slate and Pistachio

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Each Single Cascadino Color includes Planter and Lechuza Self Watering Sub Irrigation System.



  • Dimensions Single Cascadino Color: 36cm x 23cm
  • Weight: 1.70kg
  • All Lechuza Planters are shatterproof, ultralight, UV resistant and constructed from high quality polypropylene
  • Self watering sub irrigation system
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor planting (drain plug included)
  • Shatter proof
  • Ultra light
  • UV Resistant
  • Available Colours: Slate and Pistachio
  • Each Cascadino Planter holds up to 6 plants
  • Available colours: Slate and Pistachio
  • Dimensions: 36cm x 23cm

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