300lt MINItank Rectangle (Old Version)

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Perfect for storing rain or grey water for your herbs or vegetables, this tank stores an impressive 300 liters and is perfectly suited for use with micro irrigation or a watering can.
As with all our water tanks you also have the option of running drip irrigation directly from the tank to your garden and plants.

*For best results the 300lt MINItank should be raised off the ground to allow for room to fill a watering can or, alternatively, to provide stronger pressure for low-flow irrigation

  • 300 litre storage capacity
  • Made in Germany
  • Water tap included
  • Can be used with our Downpipe Diverter to channel rain water from your roof.
  • Can be used with our Linking Kit to channel overflow to multiple tanks
  • Height: 86cm
  • Bottom Width: 56cm
  • Bottom Depth: 42cm
  • Top Width: 77cm
  • Top Depth: 58cm
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Construction: High Density Polyethylene
  • Maze Part Number: MWT-300S
  • Bunnings Part Number: 3130780


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