To correct wet compost we recommend reducing the amount of green waste (fruit, vegetable, kitchen scraps) and increasing the percentage of brown waste (dry grass, leaves, paper).
Generally the mix should be 50/50 however in the case of wet compost it is necessary to increase the percentage of brown waste temporarily in order to get the mixture balanced again.
Once the mixture is moist (without being wet) it will be possible to revert to a 50/50 composition.
Exposure to sunlight and increased aeration are also helpful in getting the compost back to its correct balance.


All of our Greenhouses can be fixed to a concrete slab. Each greenhouse has multiple openings on its base to accommodate fixings. We suggest using 10mm dyno bolts.

The following tanks have been constructed from virgin polyethylene and are therefore classified as food grade and suitable for storing drinking water:

To ensure wheelchair accessibility we recommend our 8 x 12 greenhouse as it does not have a raised “kicker” at the entry which is a feature of our 6′ range of greenhouses. It has also been designed with wide double doors to give more clearance on the sides.

We offer Australia wide delivery on most of our products (including greenhouses).

Actually the opposite is true given that UV light damages plants cells. Plants cannot use energy in the UV range to facilitate photosynthesis. They use light from either the red or blue wavelengths for this.

All Maze Greenhouses have been tested for wind speeds of up to 75km p/h.
This can be increased to 90km/h with the aid of the Maze Anchoring Kit: http://mazedistribution.com.au/product/anchor-kit/