This Week Our Greenhouses Will Be on MasterChef – MasterChef Greenhouse

This week our greenhouses will be on MasterChef – MasterChef Greenhouse

How to compost at home – Step 4

Is my compost ready…now what?
It has been the required number of days (roughly 6 weeks) since I left the initial side of the tumbler to do its job. Yay!!! I am so excited and I have been eager to feed my garden with all my cooking. My vegetable peels, banana skin and egg shells are […]

How to compost at home – Step 3

Ready to begin. All items on hand and in position…get ready to save the world!! So what do I do?
Step 3:
Build some new habits:

Sorting household waste into the correct bins is what it is all about. Learning what goes into which bin is the challenge. At my house we have three bins: General waste, Recycling […]

How to compost at home – Step 2

Decisions have been made (see how to compost step 1).

Now the good bit – let’s go shopping 🙂
Step 2:
Tools required for composting at home:

Kitchen caddy (click here to see some options)
Compost tumbler (click here to see some options)
Stationary Compost bin (click here to see some options)
A sift/strainer
A shovel
Gardening gloves (for the princesses out there like […]

How to Make Compost at Home

How to Make Compost at Home – Step 1

Yes, I succeeded to move passed my apprehension and embark into this new world of composting at home. And I am LOVING IT!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how good it is making me feel and it is surprisingly quite simple.

I really had no idea what I was […]

Best ever black gold compost

Here is my easy recipe for making the best-ever black gold compost:

please click on the recipe for a free printable.

Once it has cooked it turns into a dark, crumbly like soil and has a natural earthy aroma. This is your compost…ready for spreading.

4 Reasons we should all compost at home

1. We should compost to help our gardens thrive organically: 2. We should compost for financial gain: 3. We should compost for environmental gain: 4. We should compost to make us feel good:

Not talking rubbish – 9 facts to make you consider composting

I decided to do some research. I wanted to have some facts to substantiate the need for composting in my home, in Australia and in the world. Read more to see what I discovered

Composting: have you thought about doing it?

Arghhh there is so much to learn…so much to know. Where to start? Sticking with my ground rules KISS (see Blog post 1) I have chosen one product to begin with. COMPOSTING!!! So it has been exactly 1 week since joining forces with my husband and I actually cannot believe the encounters I have had […]

8 reasons that mums are deemed unemployable!!

I felt like I was unemployable!!

I sold my business of ten years and have since spent the last 6 months searching for another work opportunity with no success. I was open to many prospects and excitedly explored a different and new idea at least each month with immense gusto and passion until investigating and discovering […]