Founded in mid 2004, Maze Distribution’s goal from the outset was to bring quality home and gardening products to the Australian public.

More than a decade later Maze continues to lead the market in new and innovative solutions for everyday gardening and household needs.

On this website you will find the full range of Maze branded products. These include greenhouses, a wide selection of quality, unique composting products, MINItanks, vertical gardens, sheds and more.

In addition to our range of Maze products we are also proud to supply many of Australia’s premier retailers with a wider variety of home and garden products. These products include a substantial range from Keter Plastics (World’s largest exporter of resin home & garden products) and span categories such as storage, shelving, cabinets, leisure, kid’s play and much much more.

Our suppliers are as varied as the products themselves. As it stands we currently import from countries including The UK, Germany, Canada, Israel, Taiwan, New Zealand, China and others. We also proudly buy and manufacture certain items in Australia like our MINItanks and some composting items.

Here at Maze we are excited about all the future possibilities. We will continue to lead the market with new and innovative products, designed to improve and enhance all of your gardening and household needs. While constantly searching for new ideas and products we are also working on developing new products and solutions to suit the Australian household.