Maze Microbe Solution - Liquid Bokashi

Maze Microbe Solution - Liquid Bokashi


Maze Microbe Solution, Liquid Bokashi, is an innovative liquid made from all-natural EM (beneficial microbes) and citrus extracts which can be used inside and out to initiate and accelerate the fermentation of organic waste in your Indoor Composter and clean and deodorize your home, naturally

The unique combination of ingredients neutralize the harmful organisms causing unpleasant odours and other negative by-products in all manner of applications. Reduce your environmental footprint with this effective, all-in-one product, and feel secure knowing it’s safe to use around your family and pets. The 500ml spray will last an average household approximately 2 months when used with the Indoor Composter (may vary).

Other uses:

  • Use with your outdoor compost bin to activate and facilitate effective composting and help control offensive odours.
  • Neutralize odours with just a few sprays in rubbish bins, on animals, shoes and more.
  • Clean dirty surfaces such as benches, tables and floors, with long lasting effects.  
  • Help improve the functioning of septic systems.


Maze Part Number: MS-GP500
Dimensions: 11cm x 3cm x 26cm
Weight:  0.6kg
Bunnings Part Number: 3160030 

Ingredients: Fermentation extracts, natural enzymes, essential oils (lemon, lime, orange, pine),  citric acid, alcohol surfactant

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